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Kennstan about avatar


@Kennstan :: Impractically Sarcastic Robot

“So I have this idea for a campaign!”

Full-time DM, part-time illustrator. Player of games, caster of pods, painter of clouds, lover of DMing… just hoping I can be of some use to the internet.

  • + 3 Art
  • Low-light vision
  • Journeyman in Alteration magic

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Portrait of Andy


@AndrewKropff :: Obligatory Well-Balanced Paladin

“To smite, or not to smite? That is the question.”

Andy began adventuring when he embarked on a trip around the globe to hunt every animal from the Chinese zodiac. It was during the hunt of the final creature, a Dragon, that his ambitions were derailed. In that moment he decided that if he couldn’t hunt a real dragon, he would dedicate his life to hunting unreal dragons. Thus his D&D career began.

  • +4 to believing in a little thing called love
  • -2 to resist delicious Mexican food
  • -2 to resist any video game made by Blizzard

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@theNerdBrian :: Cleric of Might (Mulit-Class in HTML Editor)

“I think, therefore I DM.”

Brian’s life long dream is to slay a dragons and shoot some aliens. But, until those extra-dimensional portals open up, he passes the time GMing for his buddies and plays videogames in his free time.

  • Positive Quality: Human-Looking
  • Negative Quality: Gremlins

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@TylerBBiddle :: The Pompous Wayfarer

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

  • +5 to Insight checks to detect bullshit
  • +2 to dark humor checks

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@LemonadeOnMars :: Esteemed Halfling Interstellar Explorer

“I need more space!”

  • 60% Caffeine
  • 30% Hermit
  • 10% Antimatter

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@rockman20xx :: Blue-bomber aficionado

“One more round?”

Believes that morally-conflicted robots will inhabit the earth in the year 20XX. Enjoys exploring independent game libraries and the occasional online Smash-Fest. Has taken a liking to Shiny Hunting for Pokémon and hopes to one day have an unbeatable Evee evolution team.

  • +5 Agility when using Pegasus Boots
  • +2 Stealth when impersonating famous characters

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