Chocolates and roses aren’t for everyone. Maybe the best way to spend Valentine’s day this year is with some good old Dungeons & Dragons. Nothing says romance like casting lightning bolt on a Bullete. If you’re running a game this weekend, try our Valentine’s day themed adventure!

Crimson Day

Crimson Day takes place on the 14th day of the second month in the year. On this day, the rose blossom trees begin to shed, covering the nearby town in crimson petals.

It’s also the day that the townsfolk hold the Crimson Festival in celebration. There’s a lot to do in town during the festival, like knife throwing, archery competitions, and jousting– featuring the fabled Crimson Rider, who’s never lost a jousting match at the festival to date. Don’t forget the many rose blossom flavored cakes, breads, and ale.

Image of Rose Petals falling

Crimson Day helps manage animal overpopulation, as the petals are poisonous to many of the indigenous creatures around the land

The Attack on the Parade

During this year’s Crimson Day Parade, arrows begin raining down on the patrons. Instead of dealing damage, however, the arrows seem to be making the townsfolk fall in love with other strangers. One of the victims of this attack is the Highprince, who was betrothed to Lady Shalla, but is now madly in love with one of the local bar wenches.

The Lord of the town approaches the adventurers, naturally, to identify of the culprit, and to find a cure for his son’s exceptionally powerful love curse. If the adventurers gather information from the townsfolk about the attacker, they will be led to stables that the attacker was spotted fleeing on from on horseback.

The stable master describes the person as a Tiefling named Szeth– a strange one who doesn’t seem all right in the head, but certainly isn’t capable of violence. He mentions that the Szeth paid for the stables with coinage from the officiant’s office.

Cupid's Bow is a Powerful artifact, not to fall into the wrong hands

Cupid’s Bow is a Powerful artifact, not to fall into the wrong hands

Matrimonial Conspiracy

If the adventurers head to the office, they are ambushed by a sneaky rogue. He is fairly powerful, but foolish; and no match for the entire party. The assassin has intel that he and Szeth were hired by the officiant’s office to steal a legendary bow from a celestial archon named Cupid. They were successful, but the artifact had driven the Tiefling mad.

They may also get this information from the officiant himself, who is the only officiant in the town, and whose siblings run various businesses associated with the wedding industry. They had been planning to have the sneaky rogue use the bow on nobles who came to visit for Crimson Day to get them to spend their coin on their failing businesses.

Szeth’s headquarters are revealed to the party: a mid-sized house near the outer edge of town. Here they’ll find Tiefling is obsessed with the power of the bow. In his basement he has the celestial, Cupid, as his prisoner. He has also used the bow on various country folk, who now worship him like a cult. The party must subdue the cultists while avoiding being hit by the bow and falling into the cultist ranks themselves!

If Cupid is released he is able to undo the damage caused by his bow, and the adventurers are rewarded handsomely by the town Lord, as well as gifted by Cupid for helping him.

Possible Rewards

Box of Assorted Chocolates

This rose wood box is full of 20 delicious chocolate treats. As a bonus action you may eat a chocolate. When you do, gain gain 2d8 + your level of temporary hit points and roll a d20, consulting the table below for an extra affect. You only gain the benefits of these chocolates the first time you eat a one after a long rest, despite how many chocolates you eat.

1 – 2 You become euphoric and unnaturally friendly. Bright lights appear brighter, but fuzzy; and music flows through you like a breeze through tree branches. You are tripping.
3 – 6 You can spontaneously create 2d12 rose blossom petals at will once every minute. When consumed, these petals restore 1 hit point each, but a creature may not restore more than 15 hit points an hour in this way.
7 – 10 You may cast charm person as if you were casting it as a 2nd level spell. The DC for the spell is 12+ your proficiency level.
11 – 14 You gain advantage on all Charisma based skill checks and saves for 6 hours.
15 – 17 Gain +5 ft Speed for 6 hours.
18 – 19 Gain additional 1d8+3 temporary hit points for 6 hours.
20 Gain an inspiration point.

Cupid’s Arrows

Cupids arrows grant +3 on attack rolls and deal no damage on a successful attack. Instead, the target makes a Charisma save with a DC of 17.

If the target is hostile towards you and fails the save, it becomes friendly for 2 hours, forgetting why it held hostile thoughts towards you, and instead is urged to help you within reason.

If the target is friendly towards you and fails the save, it becomes infatuated for 2 hours, adores you and your accomplishments, and will obey your commands within reason.

In either case, the target reverts back to it’s normal disposition if it is attacked by you or an ally, if it falls unconscious, or if you help put it in a dangerous situation.

Augustein’s Rose Bouquet

This looks like a finely arranged bouquet of a dozen roses. As an action, you may plant four roses and say the command to create a wall of thorny rose bushes to spring out of the ground. The wall is 20 feet wide, 5 feet thick and 5 feet tall, and you decide which direction the wall grows based on the arrangement of the planted roses.

The rose bush is considered difficult terrain and creatures that enter or start their turn in the rose bush take 2d6 piercing damage.

The bouquet regrows 4 roses every dawn.