It’s Monday and it’s our pleasure to start your week off with two free maps you can use for your next game!

Road to the Ruins


Here is a canyon, and to the west there is a small fishing village. To reach the ruins in the north-east, one must take either the north or south road. Both have dangers: the northern road loses its trail half way through the forest, and the southern road comes dangerously close to the canyon side, where any number of dangerous creatures can ambush the players. Below is the clear, player friendly version.


Castle Denwolv


Perfect for a large set piece battle, the players enter from the west and see the large statue and some skirmisher enemies. They can take the small bridges to avoid combat, or the main bridge to take the enemies head on. Finally  they assault the main keep where the artillery wait in the turreted walls and the courtyard below.

So there your have it, another maptastic Monday; I hope you can use these in your next game! Check out our previous map Mondays here, here and here!

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