D&D Battle Music

Send these foul creatures into the abyss!

This playlist is all about getting the blood pumping.


When it comes to battle music, most GMs seem to be much less strict in terms of maintaining a mood or following a theme. Perhaps its because combat is often the part of tabletop RPGs that feels the most like a game in the meta sense. Its the only time most groups use a tactical grid, worry about hitpoints, initiative, defenses, attack bonuses, and other similar mechanics.

Because of this, players tend to then think of what they are doing more so as a game. But, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After long periods of roleplaying where both the players and the GM have to keep track of tons of different characters, plotlines, and locations, combat can be a welcome change of pace where the story is put on pause and players can just focus on cracking heads. So we try to strike a balance here between fun and theme, but with a little more emphasis on fun. We broaden our horizons a little bit in favor of finding great unique tracks that will keep people excited throughout combat. Think eclectic.