Nerd Sourced Tabletop Music Compendium

The most complete collection of tabletop game music on the internet.



This is a “living compendium”, meaning that once a playlist is created, it isn’t set in stone. These lists will be regularly updated as new movie & game soundtracks come out.

Right now we have two main genres: Fantasy and Science-Fiction. Fantasy is great for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and d20 Fantasy. Sci-Fi is great for games like Shadowrun, D20 Modern, Gamma World, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

Each music genre has a series of playlists to help you set the mood for all the classic situations that arise in your campaigns. It’s still under construction, so keep coming back to see which new playlists get added every week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on our latest videos and music playlists.