D&D Wilds Music

Do not be fooled by the forest’s beauty, within lurks treachery that to many have failed to see  

This playlist is about feeling the danger and wonder of the natural world.


Some say that the primal spirits hold more wisdom than all the ancient wizards, demons, and dragons combined. Others look upon the wild lands as a brutal and uncivilized threat. This playlist seeks to create the general feeling of the outdoors, abundant with growth and wild creatures. The mood here is a mix between upbeat soundscapes and exotic darkness; never quite relaxed. When dealing with the exotic, the threat of the unknown is always lurking in the background.

There are many different kinds of wilds, such as forests, jungles, deserts, swamps, and tundras. This playlist evokes mostly themes of the forest and jungle variety. However, there are many that are ambiguous and could be used for other settings. Mix and match to suit your particular needs. Also, remember to switch over to the dungeon playlist when your party stumbles upon a cave or underground passage.