D&D Horror Music

The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead… and the dead keep it.

This playlist creates a sense of ambient malevolence, terror, and dread.


Ancient crypts, haunted mansions, and midnight graveyards all play host to many types of evil fiends and spirits. For when players explore locations known to be host to such malevolence, you have the Horror Playlist. The mood here is even more sinister than the Dungeon Playlist. As mentioned in its description, Dungeon is about the unknown. Horror, on the other hand, is about knowing that something terrible is near. Players could be approaching an evil cultist’s ritual, tracking demons in a mausoleum, exorcising a haunted house, or hunting a vampire in his castle.

This playlist sets a background ambient tone. If you are looking for something more dynamic (such as for the dramatic appearance of the main villain) try the Evil Playlist.