D&D Evil Music

Hurld headlong flaming from the Ethereal Sky
With hideous ruin and combustion down
To bottomless perdition, there to dwell
In Adamantine Chains and penal Fire… round he throws his baleful eyes

Here lies a playlist of epic villainy and dark malevolence.


It is often the misdeeds of great villains that serve most to spur characters to action. Its hard to create an exciting campaign without an equally exciting villain. You might use the ‘Evil’ playlist much is the same way as the ‘Themes’ playlist. It is meant to be epic and cinematic, not ambient. The songs are meant to be played only one at a time and at specific moments, rather than one after the other in the background.

A good idea is to choose one of the selections here as the theme song for your villain and play it every time he appears. Having an evil theme can strengthen the villain’s sense of character, flavor and familiarity with the players. The tone of these pieces is unsparingly sinister, so you may choose to look elsewhere if your villain requires a lighter touch.

Alternatively you may use these songs to convey a more general sense of dread. However they should only be reserved for big cinematic moments, not as an atmospheric backdrop. If you need a more general evil sinister atmosphere you might try the ‘Dungeon’ ‘Horror’ or ‘Hell’ playlists.