D&D Shady Town Music

There’s talk of strange folk abroad… can’t be too careful

This playlist is for all the run-down, lawless, and generally undesirable or dangerous parts of town


Sometimes town isn’t quite the safe haven we all hope it to be. In fact, the dark, criminal infested areas of the D&D world can be more dangerous than the wilds themselves. Pickpockets, charlatans, street thugs, or hidden assassins regularly stalk their prey in urban areas. This playlist is meant to be a complement to the ‘normal’ town playlist which offers a more uneasy option.

But, it isn’t always entirely dark. If you look closely you can find some friendly faces among the filth, but don’t get too comfortable. The mood can be often bleak and stark but sometimes ranges into the cozy. Here the players are mingling with the common folk who are exposed to all sorts of problems on a daily basis like poverty, disease, crime, and oppression. But for most people, this is not a place of evil, its their home. They take pride in it.