D&D Stealth Music

The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark

This playlist is about tiptoeing past guards, silently tailing targets, and waiting in ambush


They say that a group is only as fast as its slowest member, well the same is true of stealth. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why stealth sequences are so thrilling. No matter how good the rogue is, the clumsy paladin still puts everyone at risk by clunking around in full plate. This playlist sets the mood for all manner of high tension sneaking. You might be scaling the walls of a castle at night, eavesdropping on moving targets in a crowded marketplace, or stalking a deadly creature through the forest. The mood is tense and dark throughout. Its meant to convey a sense of deadly seriousness inspired by the fear of great consequence at the slightest mistake.