D&D Themes

I think I’m quite ready for another adventure!

This playlist is about setting the mood and creating a cinematic pre-game atmosphere


Your players sit down at the table and idle chit chat begins. The game mat is laid down, miniatures chosen, and character sheets unfolded. Before any specific action begins and while the DM is still preparing for the night’s adventure, the theme’s list comes on. The player’s don’t know what lies in store for them yet so the tone is a general one, meant to be all inclusive. The songs on this list represent the fantasy genre as a whole, much like a theme song from a movie represents the whole work rather than any particular scene. The mood is epic and intriguing.

Some groups like to pick a theme song for their campaign, one which plays every session and is meant to represent there adventure specifically. This playlist is a great amalgamation of theme songs to choose from.