This next method is based on the new mechanic introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. The DexNav allows the trainer to search for specific Pokémon within an area. This is introduced early on during your adventure when your rival teaches you about the new mechanic.

Catch Shiny Pokemon using the DexNav and Sneaking!

The DexNav

In order to search for a Pokémon you must have already captured it. You’ll notice that there are a lot of things on screen for the DexNav. On the top right is the search level. This stands for the number of times you’ve encountered the Pokémon. The higher the number, the better stats of the Pokémon. You might get one that has an item, an egg move (first move) that is rare for the Pokémon, a rare ability, or even three star potential. The three stars indicates that the Pokémon has great IVs (individual values), which for our intents and purposes not really relevant unless you’re getting into the competitive circuit.

The main gist of the method is first apply Super Repel, then click on the DexNav to search for the desired Pokémon. Once the DexNav finds the Pokémon you are aiming for, sneak your way towards it. You do this by slowly tilting the circle pad. Upon encountering the Pokémon you will need to either feint it or capture it in order to start a chain. After you fainted or captured the Pokémon, go back to a clearing where you’re not surrounded by grass and use the DexNav to search again, sneak, feint and repeat.

A good indicator that shows you are maintaining your chain is if after five encounters the level of the Pokémon you are searching increases by ten. Then the next encounter the Pokémon’s level will be one higher than it’s original level.

For example, let’s say you run into voltorb at level 7. On a successful chain, the fifth encounter with the voltorb it will be level 17 and the following encounter it will be at 8. So the base level you encountered in the beginning will go up by 1 on the sixth, eleventh, sixteenth, etc. The key is to have enough repels, patience, Pokémon with plenty of move sets, and most importantly to NOT scare the Pokémon by running or walking too fast. Doing so will break your chain.

On occasion you’ll run into this prompt:Catching Shiny Pokemon - Pokemon Not found in the DexNav

Don’t be alarmed. Just continue walking in the clearing and eventually your search will work. Should a Pokémon other than the target Pokémon appear in the DexNav don’t panic, this can still count towards your chain. Once you defeated the unintended Pokémon just simply search the intended Pokémon and you’ll be back on track.

Say you want a shiny Ralts. First there’s some preparation involved:

Have plenty of money

When I say this I mean get prepared to buy multiple repels, poke balls, great balls, ultra balls, quick balls, ethers, Leppa berries, etc. You will need to be able to buy these items so I would suggest doing this later in the game, at least after you’ve beaten the Elite Four. The Leppa berries you grow on soft soil so during your adventure plant some Leppa berries so you can come back to harvest them later. I recommend Route 123 where there is a staircase next to a cabin. When you go up the staircase there is a big field with four to five areas you can leave berries to grow. Leave the Leppa berries and continue on your adventure. You can easily go back there with the Eon Flute and fly back with your Latios/Latias, depending which version of the game you have.

Have a Pokémon with lots of PP

You will need a Pokémon that has move sets with high PP like 20 or 25 because when you encounter your Pokémon through sneaking you’ll need to feint it. Since the chain can take a while you need a lot of attacks and will still need to replenish the Pokémon’s move set.

Equip your Pokémon with Leppa berries or use ethers to restore PP

If you equip your Pokémon with a Leppa berry, it will automatically replenish 10 PP to a depleted move. You can also use and ether during the encounter or after to restore your Pokémon’s PP. The Leppa berry or ether can be used outside of battle by accessing your menu, don’t worry this breaking your chain. It won’t.

Last but not least…PATIENCE

I can’t stress enough how much of this you need. Inevitably, you will accidentally run towards the Pokémon and then poof, there goes your chain. The good thing about this method, though, is that you don’t have to do it in one sitting. When your patience runs out for the day you can leave the game running while in a battle and close your DS. But be sure to keep it charged. Then when you’re ready you can pick it up and continue, just make sure to FEINT the Pokémon you’re battling. Running away will break the chain you’ve worked up.

Tune in next time I’ll be sure to cover the rest of the methods. Happy shiny hunting.