Is your character lacking some RP elements to make him/her stand out from others? If so, feel free to tell your DM about these character paths! These roles aren’t meant to replace backgrounds, but rather will speak to the things that interest your character, and inform the kind of decisions they’ll take in the world.   sch

My gods, this library is ancient…” she marvels, as she approaches the shelves of the subterranean study. “What secrets do you hold, my friends?

Scholar: Eternal search for knowledge, countless hours of study, and a thirst for all things unknown. The Scholar thrives when given time to observe the universe around them. They could be interested in ancient artifacts, discovering new flora and fauna, or searching for more forbidden secrets…


He bursts through the doors of the Inn “This tavern is a sight for my sore eyes! Come, drinks are on me!”

Socialite: Indulging in jovial conversation, meeting new and interesting NPCs. The Socialite is at their best when engaging strangers, and with every interaction they learn how to better communicate and enrich the lives of others.


“You want me to traverse beyond the Gates of Exile?” He says, as a look of wonderment blooms on his face, “GREAT! I’ll start packing!

Traveler: Lovers of exploration, and all things unknown. The Travelers of the world want to journey to distant lands, foreign cities and even different planes; finding new and exotic cultures and landscapes.


The Half-Orc stands a foot taller than her. “I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time” he says, drawing his dagger. “So have I.” she says, cracking her knuckles.

Warrior: Truly relentless soldiers, conquerors and killers. The Warriors wish to master the ways of battle; whether they be assassins, gladiators, or  generals. They flourish on the field and in the gritty action.


It may seem easy to use these to roll up a Fighter/Warrior, Bard/Socialite or a Hunter/Traveler -but consider creating a more unlikely pairing. A Scholar/Hunter would love to find new and exotic species, animals and plants to bring back to civilization for study. A Wizard/Warrior could love to maximize their combat effectiveness, honing in their skills for ultimate invincibility. A Scholar/Fighter might wish to master fighting techniques through the study of ancient scrolls.

The next step with these roles would be to find out how they affect your team’s dynamics. An ambitious explorer might get anxious when the group spends too much time in town, a warrior might start combat just to get an upper hand when trying to pickpocket his target, or a scholar might like to spend the night in a dungeon’s dangerous library just so he may study all night.


These are a few basic roles; what kinds would you add? What is the coolest class/role combination you can come up with?