In a week of divisive politics and uncertainty, the D&D community reminds us of what a group of people with a common goal can come together to accomplish on a daily basis.

When reddit user gcpizzle23 put his D&D books up for sale saying he had “fallen on some hard times“, the reddit community wouldn’t have it.

He was encouraged to start a GoFundMe campaign, being told that fellow D&D players would rather try to help him out rather than take his books away, rendering him D&D-less. After a few hours he’d passed his $200 fund request, and within a day had exceeded his request seven times over ($1400 at the time of writing).

“I am literally crying right now. You are the single greatest community I have ever met. Never have so many people jumped to help me. You are all heroes of my adventure and every 1 or 20 I roll will always be worth it because I know that there are people who don’t know me who would help a simple player do what he loves. Every roll from this day on is for you all and every time I play I’ll play for you.”

“Roll Performance please. Otherwise we can’t tell just how much you are crying.” a redditor responded.