Better a week and a half late than never..! This week on Tavern Talk, Brian has Jordan and Andy in the studio to talk about the new(-ish)ly released Destiny, the Dungeon Masters Guide, and our favorite characters from the past making a return in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. If you listen really closely, you can hear the Oklahoma Ghost wreaking havoc on Jordan’s mic. Grab a drink and enjoy!

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Host: @theNerdBrian

Guest: @AndrewKropff

Guest: Jordan

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Which video games have inspired your RPG campaigns?

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  • Tyler Biddle

    Great podcast guys! I totally agree about magic items improving in 5th edition. I was also definitely skeptical about not using miniatures in D&D at first, but now I don’t want to go back! But you went waaay to easy on Destiny, ha ha. The story is just the beginning of its many problems