With The release of Star Wars VII The Force Awakens just around the corner, the hype for cosmic adventures is at an all time high! Whether you want to use Fantasy Flights’ newest Star Wars system, Wizards of the Coast’s older D20 system, or even something home brewed, these campaign ideas will offer a great place to start playing.

STAR WARS Forlorn Destiny

The players are members of the Jedi order ready to prove themselves as capable initiates. They are sent to investigate old Jedi ruins for relics that may still linger there. Once they arrive they discover that it has much more than they expected; a Sith cult has operated out of the ruins for years, using them to worship a long dead fallen Jedi by the name of Gren Tarrth. Gren split off from the Jedi Order thousands of years ago and started a cult of his own force teachings. The worshippers now practice through holocrons found in the ruins.

As the players are investigating further, an emergency broadcast comes through — Order 66. The group of elite clones accompanying the mission turn their blasters on the Jedi Masters, who manage to hold off the clones just long enough for the padawans to retreat deeper into the ruins.


So what now? The padawans first order of business is planning their escape from the ruins and dealing with the Clone Troopers that are hunting them. Even after they manage to escape they are still in great danger; do they try to reach out to the distress calls of other Jedi or go into hiding? The newly formed Empire has bounty hunters and hit squads looking high and low for any remaining force users. Any public display of their powers will set off alerts so the players have to be smart about where and when to use their light sabers and force abilities. They may even face off against a newly mechanized Darth Vader, and actually stand a chance.

STAR WARS Shadow of Hope

So you want to run a game but not sure how to fit it in to the dense (although now largely decanonized) Star Wars lore? Consider this: the game starts where the players are low-level, but with big dreams of kicking Imperial ass and joining the rebellion. After the destruction of Alderran, the players find themselves some work on Yavin IV where the Rebels are prepping for the iconic assault on the the Death Star.

The Heroes are told to intercept and smuggle a mysterious container from an Imperial weapons manufacturer. Upon returning to Yavin the base is on high alert; the fighter Squadrons are already engaged with the Imperial fleet and everyone in the war room is on edge as failed attempts at the Death star trench run can be heard. Its then that Luke Skywalker comes on the comm and it appears as events are unfolding as we all remember it from the films. The players are paid for their work and offered another job by the rebellion.

But unlike the movie, Vader’s TIE fighter is on Luke’s tail and Han and Chewie in the Millennium Falcon are nowhere to be found. Luke sends out one last transmission of distress before going silent with the rest of the assault team following. The base panics and begins to evacuate and the players narrowly escape from Yavin IV before the entire planet is destroyed and much of the rebellion along with it.

star-warsSo what now? The Empire just dealt a crippling blow to the rebellion and the players are left in the middle of space with the mysterious container still in their possession. The next session takes place years later, the heroes have been laying low and taking on low profile jobs as the Empire’s grip on the galaxy tightens. The rebellion has been driven to resorting to desperate extremist war tactics and Han — now clear of his debts — gained a reputation as a leader of a pirate gang.

The players have to get their cargo back to the rebellion as a new and mysterious power in the galaxy is rising: The Knights of Kenobi, lead by the last remaining Jedi whose injuries left him more machine than man…

STAR WARS Dust and Echoes

While escaping an imperial Star Destroyer, a Rebellion cruiser is forced to abandon ship, scattering the survivors on a nearby mysterious artificial moon. Here they must find their fellow rebels while staying out of sight of the Imperial search parties. When they have a sizable force, they begin surgical guerrilla strikes to accumulate enough Imperial star ships to get everyone away from the Empire, who have begun exploring the strange moon.


The nature of the artificial world begins to unfold, as it turns out that it is a creation of an ancient civilization, perhaps the Celestials, meant to expand into a dyson sphere in order to harvest energy from stars. As the Empire rushes to take control of the planet’s bridge with superior firepower and numbers, the Rebels discover that the creators never got the moon’s systems to work properly and that it inadvertently destabilizes stars, causing solar-system wipe catastrophes.

So what now? Desperately outnumbered and outgunned, the Rebels are forced to extreme tactics to destroy the Dyson sphere before it is too late.

STAR WARS The Force Falls

Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Jedi and Sith were locked in a galaxy wide war. In the Garrus sector reports began coming through of Jedi losing their abilities to channel the Force. As the Order assembles a Jedi task force to address the phenomenon. Upon investigating they discover that someone is seeking out both Jedi and Sith and removing their abilities to wield the Force.

The players are forced to recruit the aid of a bounty hunter to help them track down the mysterious agent. They are led to a temple on an outer rim where they discover the identity of the agent, a fallen Jedi Master named Zavalla. Believed to be slain in battle, it is discovered by his ship and belongings that he exiled himself, faked his death, and sought a means to end the eternal war between the Light side and Dark side forever. Learning the secrets of the temple, he gained the power to neutralize midichlorians and disable force powers permanently.


Zavalla reveals himself to the task force and lures them away as the bounty hunter betrays them and destroys the temple, eliminating any hope of learning the secrets to restoring force powers. It is learned that Zavalla has allied himself with the Sith, who offered apprentices for practicing his techniques in exchange for the secrets of the temple. They both intend to double-cross each other, though.

War erupts on the outer rim planet and Zavalla escapes, setting up a galactic chase to stop the fallen Jedi from completing his plans and keeping the Sith from catching him first.

So their you have it, lots of ideas to help you jump your new campaign into hyperspace! make sure to share any awesome star wars campaigns you have played or are planning to play in the comments below and may the force be with you, always!