Late Sunday night, Brian and I met with Sonofjarjar from We talked Dungeons & Dragons, for any of you out there who are still on the fence about playing. Take a listen, and let us know what you think!

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Host: @Kennstan

Guest: @theNerdBrian

Guest: @SonofJarJar

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What are some of your favorite or first moments and characters?

Intro and outro music kindly provided by Allan Douglas Parker 

  • George Dixon Adams


    • Kennstan

      ;) You should hear the outtakes, its basically all GEORGE ADAMS KILLING ME WITH A DOOR!

      • George Dixon Adams

        Oh yeah, that was goddamn brilliant! Sorry, I was kind of an asshole DM. Not much has changed.

        • Kennstan

          well it stuck with us this whole time so obviously It worked haha

        • That was amazing

  • George Dixon Adams

    Jesus, this makes me miss rolling dice.

  • Jordan Knudson

    I thought the band was the goblin stompers! Great pod cast man! I want to tell stories of Zook now

    • Kennstan

      We should definitely do a part 2!

      • We should do a “Favorite Characters” episode.

  • Doug Robbins

    I definitely enjoyed listening to you guys talk about your experiences with your characters and adventures you able to have. It really makes the point that you are able to do so much more in pen and paper RPGs than you can in video games. It makes all the nostalgia bubble up and want roll some dice again.