Recently, I introduced a demon story arc into my group’s campaign. My heroes were only level 3, though, and the demon creature types in the Monster Manual didn’t fit the encounter I envisioned in my head. So, I decided to make my own demon based on some other like-leveled creatures, and added some of my own flare to make the battle more interesting.

Baron of Darax-us | Custom D&D 5e Monster

Baron of Darax-us

I present to you, the Baron of Darax-us. This version is level 4 because the original was a bit too over powered, so I made some balance decisions and increased the CR. The cool part about this creature is it’s Demonic Coil ability, which is a bonus action that can be used every turn for a variety of utility effects.

The key to this Baron is aggression; always prioritize it’s melee attack on players that are healing or doing the most damage. Meanwhile, you can use it’s Demonic Coil to damage other players, fear them, or summon a demon weakling to keep them distracted while the Baron goes to town.

Careful, though, the Baron can pack a punch. I nearly killed our group’s Rogue with a lucky crit. For this reason, I also have some magic items that can help the players out if they need it, or they can be used as loot for defeating the Baron.

Demonic Items | Custom D&D 5e Magic Items

Demonic Items

Make no mistake, these items are not balanced, but they are designed to be fun to use. Modify them as necessary.

You can find a PDF version of both these documents here.

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