Recently, I introduced a demon story arc into my group’s campaign. My heroes were only level 3, though, and the demon creature types in the Monster Manual didn’t fit the encounter I envisioned in my head. So, I decided to make my own demon based on some other like-leveled creatures, and added some of my own flare to make the battle more interesting.

Baron of Darax-us | Custom D&D 5e Monster

Baron of Darax-us

I present to you, the Baron of Darax-us. This version is level 4 because the original was a bit too over powered, so I made some balance decisions and increased the CR. The cool part about this creature is it’s Demonic Coil ability, which is a bonus action that can be used every turn for a variety of utility effects.

The key to this Baron is aggression; always prioritize it’s melee attack on players that are healing or doing the most damage. Meanwhile, you can use it’s Demonic Coil to damage other players, fear them, or summon a demon weakling to keep them distracted while the Baron goes to town.

Careful, though, the Baron can pack a punch. I nearly killed our group’s Rogue with a lucky crit. For this reason, I also have some magic items that can help the players out if they need it, or they can be used as loot for defeating the Baron.

Demonic Items | Custom D&D 5e Magic Items

Demonic Items

Make no mistake, these items are not balanced, but they are designed to be fun to use. Modify them as necessary.

You can find a PDF version of both these documents here.

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Do you have custom made enemies or magic items? Post them in the comments.

  • Xaph

    90% of the material I use is custom. Its majority it’s in Italian; regardless, allow me to show you a little sneak-peak.

    Gravhorn: Once this pterodactyl horn is blown, all objects and creatures
    within 15 m from the point where it’s been blown can’t be affected by any
    natural or magical force of gravity or attraction (levitation, telekinesis and
    anything that doesn’t imply reciprocal attraction still functions normally). The
    effect lasts for 10 minutes + 1 minute for each day it’s not been used (up to
    60 minutes). After its daily use has been exploited, the horn turns into a
    pointed shoe that triples the amount of weight the wearer can carry. The shoe
    adapts to its wearer, whatever the size or the shape of the foot may be.

    • Wow, that is a very imaginative magical item! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any other custom materials?

      • Xaph

        Thanks! Yessir, about as much as it would take to fill up another set of core manuals. I’m not entirely comfortable with posting it all publicly, but if you’re interested I can email you some more – I could use some feedback, that’s for sure.